Flower deliveries during Covid-19

Updated: Aug 15, 2021

What happened during the Covid-19 pandemic

Flowers heal the soul

During Covid-19, especially during the ‘stay at home’ period, people were separated from family and friends that lived away. To compensate for this distance more people chose to send flower deliveries to their loved ones than before the pandemic. Flowers connect us, help us celebrate and illustrated the love for family and friends.

I don't have the statistics but from observation of Red Bud Florals and other flowers shops in my area I could see a significant increase in flower deliveries. We all want to keep in touch and share our lives with loved ones. In lieu of being together the flowers spoke of our emotions and connection.

Flowers are the perfect vehicle to demonstrate emotion, to celebrate and mourn, to invoke passion and elevate our mood. Flower designs provide a canvas for messages from the heart.

Flower design weaves the colors and shapes of its medium, blooms and foliage, into an infinite options of sculptural shapes and hues. Flower design is a sculptural art form. From the lowly grocery store bouquet to art exhibits such as “Bouquet to Art” at The de Young Museum, flowers can be weaved into heart warming and spectacular displays that are accessible.

Now that we are able to see each other more, we can elevate our experiences of celebrations and companionship with the beauty of flowers. Visit our site at Red Bud Florals for a wide selection of heart warming designs.

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