Environmental commitment

As an environmental florist we have a strong commitment to green practices. We reduce our carbon footprint and waste, especially the use of plastics. We use locally grown flowers and foliage as much as possible. We source organic materials when available. We do not use floral foam or chemicals. Floral foam is made from synthetic materials which includes many harmful chemicals including formaldehyde. Other chemicals in floral use such as, so called ‘preservatives’ or ‘flower food’ flush down the sewage system and disrupt the waterways ecosystem. None of these chemicals are helpful or needed in floral design. Tami has over thirty years of experience in floral design and she finds that these chemicals do not extend flower life. In fact, the most important determinant of flower longevity is proper processing. Which is the way that the florist treats the material prior to design. The next most important practice is keeping clean cool water in the vessel.

We wish you all a positive and healthy experience with our designs and encourage you to contact us with any questions or concerns.